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Kath Eats Real Food: Recaps, Day 151

I feel like I start out a lot of recaps by warning you guys to get out your beribboned baskets of condolence scuffs for poor Kath, as she frequently makes it sound like, whoa, dudes, hold on, like, things are HARD in Kerf-land… but just wait, because — thank fuck — she eventually realized that there was still nut butter in the world and so she managed to persevere. Thursday’s entry is one of those.

I don’t even know where to begin to tell you about this day. It was….unpredictable … Perhaps M is still adjusting from our travels, but we were up at least every hour (sometimes more) from 3-7am, and his days of decent napping are no more (for now, at least).

So she’s not getting a lot of sleep. Yes. This sucks. This sucks when it’s two cats in a new apartment. It sucks when you got a batch of salty pho and are up every hour because you’ve had too much salt. I can’t even begin to comprehend how awful it is when you have a child who does this for months… years… and you can’t just close the door on them, or have a glass of water and go back to sleep in five minutes. I really can’t.

I also can’t comprehend why it’s horrible to do it when you have her kind of schedule and lack of demands — and seriously, I’m in uncharted territory I have no reason to bash, but Kathy isn’t giving us much context about why it’s so horrible for her, when she got to stay in her “PJs all morning” and do “a lot of snuggling” and end up calling it “a really nice day.”

Props to all of you working moms who can be up all night and go to an office in the morning. You are strong.

And you are not, Kathy. And the fact that you start out with a clearly compliment-fishing whine makes you less so.

Let me tell you about the food!

Oh, please. Tell us about the disgusting toilet of oats and nut butter and heated cottage cheese (fucking YUCK) you made. And could you please describe this using awful, outdated casual speak on a topic you are supposed to write professionally about?

Sunflower butter for the win.

A few hours later, she ate “spinach salad with a half cup of hot lentils, avocado and goat cheese” — which I’m sure she called “Asiany” — and toasted someone’s leftover pitas stuffed with artichoke, peppers, avocado and cheese from her lame-ass party, with someone else’s edamame dip.

Then, she strollered the baby three whole miles so she could get a decaf cappuccino to throw around like an urban professional — you know, the kinds that get to spend their whole mornings snuggling in their pajamas and bitching about sleep before eating leftovers someone else made.

It was refreshing to get outside and walk.

I know, right? The morning had been awfully stressful up until that point, what with all the opportunities to get your rest back and prepare and eat meals most of us only have the time to accomplish once, maybe twice a week, because we have actual jobs and shit.

Thanks to Baby Carbz giving them “a short nap … Matt and I were able to put together a really nice dinner … Matt made us little toasty appetizers with melted cheese” and free halibut that Alaskan fish marketing association sent them. Too bad they burned the shit out of it.

we dunked it in egg and sun-dried tomato flavored panko I found at Whole Foods, then pan-seared and oven finished it. The pan was a wee bit hot so we got a good char on top, but it sure tasted good.

They also had slices of that regular bread they bought at Whole Foods, which just prompted Kathy to go into a frustrated revelry about how much she missed her fakery’s particular brand of allegedly undercooked honeyed bread:

I really enjoyed this bread, but I’m so excited for the Cville Crunch loaf Matt brought home today and the French toast I have planned for the morning!

They also had kale chips… with ketchup… prompting Kathy to make her second caveat of the night: firstly, that the bread with cheese on it wasn’t gigantic, it was just on tiny salad plates, gosh! And secondly, that the kale wasn’t burned, it was just the purple kind! Gosh, you guys! SHE’S SENSITIVE!

It really feels like a Monday and it’s so exciting that the weekend is just around the corner!


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  1. avatar California Mazens says:

    I’m a teacher so I’ve been on break for a whole over the holidays. Kath’s relentless reminding of what day it is is really bothering me. It’s putting my break’s end in stark relief and also emphasizing that she DOES NOT WORK. I mean that in every sense of the word.

    I also tried to buy oats from a bulk bin today and almost put them back. Then I made kale chips to eat with dinner and even that is getting ruined. Is nothing sacred?

    • avatar Denise says:

      I’m a teacher too, I go back to work on Monday. Why does it matter to her what day it is? Is she wrapping up her vacation and going back to work like the rest of us chumps? Nope. Monday she will do the exact same thing she did on Sunday, and every single day before that!

      • avatar anotherchanceto says:

        I’m a science graduate student. Like Kath, I do the same exact thing 7 days of the week, making the actual day not that important. Unlike Kath, that thing is put on real pants and go to work.

      • avatar anotherchanceto says:

        And I should probably add that I am kittenless, so I can’t imagine (nor do I pretend that I can) what it must be like for mothers to read Kath’s BS hardships. I fully acknowledge that me working 60 hrs a week, cooking relatively clean meals for my husband and I, and getting uninterupted sleep is much much much less of a challenge than the weeks MOST mothers, working or SAHM, have (especially those with infants).

    • avatar I root because I'm hungry says:

      I know right! Don’t ruin kale chips for me and don’t dip them in ketchup for chrissakes

  2. avatar Heather Duke says:

    I know that my insomnia, coupled with a job requiring attention to detail, can drive me batty after a few weeks. So not feeling sorry for Kath. Did she think that her golden food orbs would somehow lull Maze into a half-sleep for his entire chlidhood?
    Have funnn when he gets mouthy and mobile.

    Real life: Could not happen to a nicer gal.

    • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

      Oh there will be babysitters brought in at that point, I predict.

    • avatar Denise says:

      I can’t wait to see her when Ant Eggs gets his first REAL illness. The throwing up all night, liquidy poop that runs out of the diaper kind. Then she will know the meaning of FUNNNNNN!!!!! And guess what Kath? Those baby stomach viruses can last WEEKS. WEEKS of every 15 minute diaper changes kind of fun.

      Disclaimer: I do not wish for Ant Eggs to be sick and miserable, but it will happen.

      • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

        Oof. And they lose all sleep skills when they get sick.

        I think the second baby, if there is one, is going to be the end of her smug. But, she will probably just hire help so whatever.

        • avatar Ali Cat says:

          The only thing that keeps me from going batshit crazy thinking about her level of blind privilege is the hope that one day this stupid smug bitch will have to get a full-time job.

          If their parents were smart, they’d start tapering off the monetary assistance now.

      • avatar I root because I'm hungry says:

        Never had to deal with this with #1

  3. avatar Jo says:

    JFC every time I read about this moron heating cottage cheese, I feel vomit itching its way to the back of my throat. It’s so disgusting, KERF!

    WTF, are your taste buds as dead as your eyes and soul?

    • avatar watchmefall says:

      Think about it mixed with nut butter. jesus god.

      • avatar Extremely Large Size Medium says:

        This actually makes me feel queasy.

        I still don’t understand what her blog is supposed to be. A food blog that contains… nothing I would ever make… and no real recipes. Was it always like this? I am unwilling to slog through the acres of nut butter and melted cottage cheese of the archives to find out.

        • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

          It started out as a food restriction blog to lose/maintain weight (watch me count my calories and exercise to the ones place, add it all up, show the loss, tricks to not feel hungry). Is not, never was, and never shall be (I predict anyway) a food blog.

        • avatar watchmefall says:

          I started reading KERF when Kath was studying for her RD. She seemed more interesting then but maybe that’s because she lived in Charlotte at the time and I’m from around that area.

    • avatar sailormoon says:

      Same here. I almost never feel queasy either. I can watch people actually vomit without skipping a beat eating, but the cottage cheese and the godawful lentils with avocado and goat cheese (WTFF) really made me pause my meal a second. Thanks kerf…

      • avatar notablogger says:

        same here. I have an iron stomach and regularly witness medical horrors without flinching but hot cottage cheese makes me gag every time I read about!

  4. avatar LLCoolMe says:


    1. Smugnom exists.

    2. Katheter is the *only* HLBlogger with her own subforum on GOMI.

    3. Her family and friends are aware of Smugnom and GOMI.

    If I were Her Kathjesty, the above would be a real wake-up call for me. I would be absolutely mortified to know that there are whole communities of people who think I’m an idiot and even MORE mortified if I knew that my family and friends knew about said communties.

    So my question is, why does this do nothing to raise her self-awareness? Why would she not make some attempt to make her blog more relevant, interesting, or erudite?

    I’m sure there are people who think I’m a moron, but I don’t have tangible proof of their existence. If I did, it would cause me to do some serious self-assessment, consider whether or not their criticism is valid, and attempt to make some changes where necessary, , not continue to post pictures of doughnut salad, compare my SAHM status to that of a military wife, and publicly offer 17-day-old cake destined for the garbage to my fakery’s customers.

    She’s a parody of herself and has been for a long time now.

    • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

      It’s because everyone is so jealous.

    • avatar kathater says:

      It’s because she’s that delusional and thinks that highly of herself that there is no possible way she is in the wrong. She lives in her own fantasy land where all of her critics are the enemy and she does nothing to deserve any form of feedback.

      • avatar Step away from the nutbutter and put the lemon pepper down! says:

        Exactly. She would be such an easy and fun person to spoof on a show like SNL and she probably thinks she is famous enough that everyone would know she was the one being spoofed.

    • avatar Respect, Privacy and Lies OH MY says:

      She (or a member of her extremely strange family) reads here often. Yesterday, shortly after the “flax and cranberry cookies” post on the fakery, a reader commented how to make the horrid things sound better. A corrected post on facebook appeared shortly!

    • avatar Sloane Peterson says:

      “Her family and friends are aware of Smugnom and GOMI”

      This is what blows me away the most. If a random bunch of people on the internet were talking about my Dad’s dick I can guarantee you I wouldn’t be blogging.


    • avatar KERFETUS says:

      All of this forever. I have a pretty substantial online presence because I’m a journalist. Between bylines and marketing myself, I’m easy to find. If I had a shadowy clique mocking my every awkward description, you can be sure I’d reassess what I was about and how I was doing it. Fucking sheesh already Kathy. Who the shit are you?

    • avatar Yana says:

      I have been thinking this for a while now too, ever since the live chat started when KERF went into labor and delivery. I think that if, after birthing my first child, I looked for even a second at the pretty large and educated group of people who felt totally fine commenting on my cervix (because I had been putting that info out there myself), I would probably think to myself, “well that’s about enough damage” and hang the whole ish right up.

      The thing that kills me is that KERF has all the education necessary to write a really useful and interesting blog. And yet she stubbornly refuses to write anything meaningful beyond posting pics of her kale and bebe.

      • avatar The Battle of the Cranberry and Flax Cookies says:

        She can’t give it up—she needs to make her money.

        • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

          She must be making a nice chunk of change.

        • avatar Step away from the nutbutter and put the lemon pepper down! says:

          Well I suspect she could give it up, but she’d spend more of the trust fund than she planned. I think what would be hardest for her to give up is the sycophants. Her ego needs all the praise. The thing is, I suspect some of the ass kissers are cracking themselves up and jokes on her. “Ohhhhh Kath, you are my inspiration. How do you manage it all-the bebe, the nutritionist thing, the blog.I just love your photos by the way and wow you seem to have lost all the weight plus. I wish more of America could learn to eat like you. I beg you to write a cookbook and share your wisdom and fishing strategies with the world.”

    • avatar southern comfot says:

      That’s really what gets me. I recall Ashley from (never) homemaker posting a picture of her cat in order to (humorously, I thought) appease the cat ladies of GOMI. And not only that – she graciously addressed the snarking from GOMI, said that the snark was a little overcritical, but also admitted that the cat ladies might have some valid points. If KERF could do that, my mind would be COMPLETELY effing blown.

      • avatar Step away from the nutbutter and put the lemon pepper down! says:

        How did she get to age 30 without learning to at least pretend to be able to take criticism? I guess she was never really in the real working world. By 30 I could have won an academy award for my ability to pretend I was grateful for any and all criticism. I could smile and say thank you as I thought “fuck you you blood sucking boss from hell.”

  5. avatar JudgementalSnarker says:


    This heating up of cottage cheese has got to end. Must she bastardize everything she puts in her fucking mouth?

    Oh, and another fact. The only time animal protein is consumed in that house is when it is a freebie.

    • avatar Step away from the nutbutter and put the lemon pepper down! says:

      Great GIF!

      So many HLBS seem to have deranged tastebuds and they take perfectly good food and mess it up with pseudo healthy crap.

      Re:animal protein-yep and with prices going way up for meat and poultry she aint gonna start payin’ for it now.”

  6. avatar Loise says:

    Is that a bowl or a mug? Looks like some weird ass combination that Kath would adore.

  7. avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

    Let’s see, what situations are worse than Kath Younger’s situation right now…

    One baby, no working outside the home, husband works at a real job with a commute and a boss
    One baby, no working out side the home, husband works at a real job with a commute and a boss and frequent travel
    One baby, you work outside the home, husband works at a bakery down the street
    One baby, you work outside the home, husband works a real job with a commute and a boss
    One baby, you work outside the home, husband works a real job with a commute and a boss and frequent travel
    One baby, you both work real jobs and you both have frequent travel
    Two kids, no working outside the home, husband works at the bakery down the street
    Two kids, no working outside the home, husband works at a real job with a commute and a boss
    Two kids, no working out side the home, husband works at a real job with a commute and a boss and frequent travel
    Two kids, you work outside the home, husband works at a bakery down the street
    Two kids, you work outside the home, husband works a real job with a commute and a boss
    Two kids, you both work outside the home, you both have frequent travel

    Add any other variable you choose (you don’t make enough money to pay the bills, you or your husband have to work two jobs, you have a child with special medical or educational needs, you have special medical needs, you are also taking care of elderly/sick parents, military service, no support from family), I could go on with this forever…


    • avatar berfbarf says:

      Exactly. I have had a rough time since about April because the plant where my huscat works did a shutdown, where they do exactly that: Shut everything down. Then they do maintenance and clean and make adjustments, add new stuff, whatever it is. Because of this, his usual, normal, cushy 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. job has turned into a whatever, whenever. He worked nights for 45 days straight. Once they started back up, there have been multiple problems resulting in four or five calls in the early morning hours, him having to get up and go to work at 2 a.m. and not come home until 2 a.m. the next day, him working his usual hours and then having to go back to work and stay until 6 or 7 the next morning. Then, throw into two older kittens who are in a variety of extracurriculars (and one is barely passing algebra so I have to stay on his ass and I’m not too strong in algebra) , a full-time job for me, and it has been seriously rough.

      But I have still not complained a tenth of as much as KERF. In fact, except for a tears shed in the shower at night, I haven’t complained, not even the night when I had to come home from work, iron kitten #1 some dress-up clothes, drop him off at the high school for his band concert, drive his sister 30 minutes away for dance class, stay for the 45-minute dance class, then hustle back to our city, making it just in time to see his portion of the concert — this was after a full day of work for me, and a 4:30 a.m. wake-up time because I am a runner and the early morning is the only time I have to get a run in .

      Huscat has a good job with a good company and they pay him well. We’re managing. It’s not funnnnnnnnn right now, but things will even out eventually at his plant.

      Ttl;dr: shut the fuck up, Kath. You have no idea.

      • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

        She really doesn’t have a clue what the rest of the world deals with. Add in a perfect childhood as well, parents propping them up all along the way. How can she write this dribble and not realize how spoiled she sounds?

        • avatar TrailMixer says:

          I stayed home when both my kids were little. Even after long, sleepless nights, boredom, depression and loneliness, I knew I was lucky. I had my ONE THING I had to do and it did not involve going to a job, commuting in a snowstorm, coming home late and having to make dinner or getting dressed up and getting a child to daycare first thing in the morning. I don’t remember ever complaining, but that’s me…

          • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

            Exactly. It’s not for everyone, but staying home and taking care of one baby is about the easiest gig going (as long as you don’t have money worries)

          • avatar lois says:

            well, and most people who decide (and have the option) to stay with their babies do more than kath ever does. i mean, you said you had one thing to do, trailmixer, but i imagine you didn’t just do that one thing. kathy genuinely only makes sure mazen stays alive. she doesn’t cook, she doesn’t clean, she doesn’t read, she doesn’t nurture real relationships with friends, she doesn’t volunteer, she doesn’t fold laundry. she even bought a playmat to play with her son so she doesn’t have to.

            i’m not saying a stay-at-home parent should have to take care of all domestic responsibilities or anything, but kathy DOESN’T DO ANYTHING.

          • avatar Shazaam of the Shadowy Clique says:

            I am a SAHM to a toddler and a special needs baby. My house looks nothing like hers, I don’t get three square meals plus snacks, I don’t get endless amounts of time to leisurely stroll about time after I spend an hour picking which stroller is perfect for the occasion.

            Even with a special needs baby with a unique illness I don’t spend a lot of time complaining because I signed up for all this. Sure we had no idea what we were getting in regards to the babies illness but having babies is a crapshoot really and anything is possible. So I just live my life day to day I don’t have a maid and I have a husband who works long hours so a lot of the housework/cooking etc. falls on me.

            Anyway my whole point is kath has it easy and why complain so much? When I don’t get a full nights sleep (okay let’s be real with a special needs baby and a toddler in the midst of his terrible twos I average about 3 hours a night) that just means I chug some caffeine and keep on going about my day. I don’t have the option of just lounging around in bed all morning. I honestly wish Kath realized how easy her life is and how great she has it. I’d have less of an issue with her if she could just recognize that.

          • avatar Step away from the nutbutter and put the lemon pepper down! says:

            Could I just say the snowstorm thing in particular made me so grateful. It was so nice to sit there with my baby and not obsess over how I was going to get to work and would I get stuck in snow AGAIN and can my old car handle the cold.”

            I do admit I have been a self absorbed cluelese complainer before. I went through a phase in my early teens and then another one in grad school. In highschool my parents basically told me off and insisted I do volunteer work and get some perspective. They were brilliant and it worked. In grad school I could tell my friends in the working world were growing tired of my kvetching and from then on I STFU, unless it’s something major.

    • avatar Kerfplunk says:

      Hmm, add being widowed and with small children, or a single, working parent to that list. I’m in the former, like a lot of people, and it’s not easy.

      Anyway, I can’t wait for M to start teething…K will understand then how challenging things with baby can be. And the cottage cheese, I have to parrot every other comment and ask why? Stop heating it up…urgh…or does eating this weird concoction everytime at breakfast win a congratulatory pat on the back for being so über healthy and food progressive?

      And why so many salads in Winter? It’s currently Summer where we live, and that equals a lot of salad. I would have thought being a ‘real’ food advocate, that K would be eating seasonally…

      • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

        Yes, add those to the list of variables as well, good point. Holy carp, there is literally no woman on earth with a situation easier than what this gal is dealing with.

      • avatar Matth's stray arm hair in yer scuffin says:

        Oh good point! Her “salads” are things in the fridge / pantry she can throw into a bowl together without dirtying a pan, contact with multiple dishes, heat and actual cooking.
        Such foodie adventures! If I counted on making my living this way I would be truly embarrased.

        So she buys different bowls / napkins from Pier One in order to photograph her oats with (and probably includes as a tax write-off) , a high-end camera, but doesn’t actually make anything worth photographing and showing off?

        And since she’s in denial about reducing, or trying to there’s no weight-loss factor at play. Ewww, keep your heated cottage cheese to yourself!

  8. avatar Seriously!? says:

    I have to agree on the “no sleep” thing. I went back to work when my 3 year old was 6 weeks old and worked until the day before I delivered my 7 month old and for pretty much all of those 2 1/2 years that I was a working mother I was flat out exhausted-not just because of my daughter who was eventually sleeping through the night but because I was working 50 hours a week but still working less than my husband so I was cooking dinner and doing laundry and housework every second until I was worn out and then getting up at 5am the next day; then I was doing all of these things hugely pregnant during a heatwave. I haven’t worked since June and I have to say that even when I am worn out from babies or anything else, the fact that I can just wear yoga pants all day and can usually get a nap at some point makes a huge amount of difference. I waved the white flag at baby#2 so I don’t know how you working ladies with more than 1 child manage but you are obviously superwomen!

    • avatar Extremely Large Size Medium says:

      Yeah, I don’t understand how Kath can be so tone-deaf.

      I have one kitten. I worked after she was born for a little while, so there was the sleep-deprived blur of the first 6 weeks I was on maternity leave. Then she and I started figuring things out and they got better, but I was back at work and getting the two of us out the door in the morning, and then evenings, were so hectic.

      Now I’m home with her, and there is nothing to complain about. Yes, I’m tired sometimes. I’m a WAHM and sometimes I stay up til 2am working after taking care of my kitten all day. But not having to get up at 6am and wake her up to change her and feed her, and not having to wash bottles at night and pack up to do it all again, and being able to sit here in my PJs at 9am drinking coffee as she plays — my life is golden. And I know it. KERF should too.

      • avatar Kath Eats Free Meat (and Empty Taco Shells) (and Donut Salad) says:

        I worked part-time (35 hrs/wk) after my second kid was born, and I used to unload the dishwasher (and sometimes throw laundry in the dryer) after his 3am feeding. I did lots of other crazy things, but that was the one that always made me feel like my life was spiraling out of control. I’ve always tried to spend my nonworking hours with my kids, so lots of things get done after they fall asleep.

        My lovely sister is a SAHM mom who works just as hard as anyone I know. But she cooks delicious food, cleans, and volunteers at her kids’ schools. She does not fold laundry but maybe I should show her KERF’s video so she can mash unfolded laundry into drawers rather than have everyone finding their stuff on the dining table. (haha, I’m glad to be anonymous or she’d kill me for outing her) Oh, and for a while she was blogging–just for fun because she has things she’s passionate about–and her posts were thoughtful and well-written (they took time to compose).

        I don’t know what my point is, except that not sleeping sucks but for someone who has literally nothing else to do, Kath needs to STFU. Because nearly everyone else on earth has filled their life with extra duties by necessity or choice and she feels the need to share with the world that she drank coffee and lit a candle.

        • avatar Respect, Privacy and Lies OH MY says:

          At least you didn’t throw laundry in your dishwasher and put the dishes up in the laundry room! *wink*

    • avatar KrisH says:

      +1. I went back to work when my baby was 12 weeks old while my husband was deployed- with a baby who had acid reflux, colic, and hip dysplasia (had to be in a harness, which was super enjoyable). Quit my job 9 months ago (baby’s 2 now), and the stay at home mom thing is MUCH better of a deal for me than working ever was.

    • avatar I root because I'm hungry says:

      You make me tired just reading that. After my first, I spent the winter sick as a dog with working full time, nursing, and pumping. As in, I was sick for five months with one thing or another.

      During my second pregnancy, there were about three or four months where my boss was out with two surgeries, plus two coworkers had long vacations and business trips. Here’s the thing. I am everyone’s backup because I know everything. So I had an entire pregnancy of insomnia…awake 2-3 hrs in the middle of the night. Those were really rough months, not sleeping, doing double duty at work, WITH A KINDERGARTENER.

      This time. I was smarter. I cut my hours to 80%. They responded by increasing my workload. I just get less done. Still, by the time I get home, nurse the baby twice, cook dinner, wash pump parts and bottles…I’m beat. Smugnom is my guilty pleasure just before bed. Thank god the baby sleeps.

  9. avatar watchmefall says:

    Those pitas look dry as fuck. I wonder what the ‘friend’ who brought them thinks about Kath eating them 3 days later.

    • avatar Extremely Large Size Medium says:

      If I were the friend, I would wonder why they weren’t paired with Pumpkin Ohs for dessert.

  10. avatar kathater says:

    Pitas at lunch, bread as an “appetizer”, then more bread as a side with dinner. What is wrong with eating brown rice, potatoes, or some other form of a good healthy carb instead of just bread? Don’t get me wrong, I love bread. But I also know that there is no nutritional value in eating it three times a day and maybe my body just needs more protein. Oh that Kathy, such the knowledgeable RD I tell ya.

    • avatar Matth's stray arm hair in yer scuffin says:

      She’s so effing lazy and dumb (inefficient) about her food preparation. The free bread is just there. Thus, bread was eaten.

    • avatar Step away from the nutbutter and put the lemon pepper down! says:

      I have a theory…I think she has a gluten sensitivity and all that gluten is setting off autistic features. Not trying to get into a debate about special diets for special needs and how food contributes to issues, just sharing my theory of why KERF is so KERFY

  11. avatar Bitch Be Tripping says:

    I went back to work when my son was 7 weeks old because I had to. I was a single mom, recovering from an emergency c-section, breastfeeding exclusively. This idiot hasn’t scratched the surface of exhaustion yet. I never complained either because it’s what I knew I signed up for when I became pregnant. It’s not like it’s some big surprise or mystery. I would have been thanking my lucky stars if I could have spent a fraction of the time laying around in my pajamas and taking pictures of bird food that she has.

    P.S. We working moms don’t want your weak-ass props for being “strong”. We just want you to STFU.

  12. avatar Samantha Stevens says:

    Yeah, she needs to STFU with her relentless complaining about how her baby won’t sleep guysss. It’s called parenthood Kath and you are going to be dealing with issues like this for the rest of your life. She is just so unhappy now that baby carbz doesn’t sleep all day long so she can do what she wants.

    She also needs to get some perspective. Does she not realize how lucky she is? For parents with sick children or who have lost a child, her endless complaining about, gasp, getting woken up during the night is ridiculous.

    • avatar Only What Is Germane to the Show Is Presented says:

      Seriously, did she not know that she would never sleep the same way again once she had a kid?
      I think you’re right, she is annoyed that she can’t do all shit during the day like she used to because she feels like shit or she is, gasp, taking care of him.

    • avatar Step away from the nutbutter and put the lemon pepper down! says:

      Not WKing, but have mentioned before the sleep deprivation really made me bat shit cray cray. I had pulled all nighters in school many times, but this was different. Yes, I complained too-A LOT. I just didn’t tweet FB or Blog my psycho ramblings. My poor husband had to come home to it. Seriously at one point I had a meltdown because I wanted a shower and I could not remember how many days it had been since I had one. I sat there screaming at my husband about showers because he had the nerve to say he was all sweaty from the heat wave and wanted to take a shower.All I had to say was, do you mind watching the baby while I shower and he would have said “no problem.”

  13. avatar NutGag says:

    It’s clear after reading all these comments that most of us handle those daily “mom” chores like cooking, cleaning, working full time, taking care of kids and husband and everything else without so much whining. We do it because it needs to be done. What kind of upbringing did she have in that she never saw anyone work or struggle? How can she be so clueless? She has no idea what the future holds and whining and complaining about every moment of that baby’s childhood will come back to haunt her one day.

    • avatar Berfbarf says:

      When I have my mommy freak-out every six weeks or so, where I lose my shit because I’m the only one who does anything in my house (out of me, a completely able huscat and two teen/tween kittens), I tell myself that I’m ensuring neither kitten treats his or her SO that way when they’re adults. Fingers crossed…

    • avatar Yana says:

      I think that she writes about how harddddd everything is, and sounds so clueless about real work because she has nothing else to write about. Conflict makes a story compelling, and she knows this (maybe only subconsciously, but still), so she writes about shit like nutbutters and removing a stroller from her car like they are real problems. If she would focus more energy on writing about anything at all that she learned as a RD, she could avoid this trap and suddenly sound about 3,000x more relatable.

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